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Following the completion of her undergraduate studies, HSBS founder Jennifer Neuendorf put her Accounting and Finance degree to work in a successful succession of employment engagements that connected her to enterprises both small and large, private and public, secular and non-secular. Her 30+ years in the world of operations-related financial matters have resulted in a time-tested set of skills that now serve her clients to optimum advantage.

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A Certified QuickBooks Advisor, Jennifer’s wealth of experience runs the gamut of small business needs as they relate to bookkeeping and oversight of company revenues and expenses.

“I’ve never had a problem being described as a ‘bean counter’. I think it’s actually a pretty good description of what people in my profession do. ‘Beans’ are small things, and in the business world, the management of small things is very important. In their truest sense, ‘beans’ grow and eventually their strengths fortify people and keep them healthy. So, the notion that counting beans keeps your business healthy is right on target.”

Among the more impressive achievements of Jennifer Neuendorf’s decades-long career was her service to a group of entrepreneurs and their path from purchase to profitability. Following their acquisition of an existing online retailer and the production facility which generated its inventory, Jennifer Neuendorf assisted these investors/operators and the management team they assembled. While managing the integration of the existing payroll system with a more efficient program, Jennifer Neuendorf began her oversight of the operation’s financial matters from inventory to invoicing. As the business evolved and grew, one of the most pressing concerns was a major change in the sales tax reporting requirements. Since the company did business throughout the continental US, programs and policies were needed to ensure full compliance with the most current taxing requirements. Since many of these changes were new to both the consumer and the online retailer, the need for clear and concise communication with all parties became paramount in importance. Jennifer Neuendorf’s command of these transactions removed the risk of penalties for non-compliance and kept the company current with its sales tax obligations.

When the company’s success drew the attention of investors, Jennifer Neuendorf assembled the records and reports the acquisition team required. Ultimately, the original entrepreneurs completed a profitable sale and upon its completion, Jennifer Neuendorf played a key role in the transition.

Once again, there were payroll systems which required integration. Employee roles and job descriptions were consolidated, and Jennifer Neuendorf assumed the role of Human Resources coordinator to achieve the smoothest path for all concerned. Inventory and supplies, down to the last pen and post-it note, were accounted for so that they could be included in the value of the company among other assets. And, once again, communication between management, employees, and customers—both wholesale and resale—became critically important.

From the original purchase to its eventual sale, Jennifer Neuendorf kept sales, marketing, operations, and productions on an even keel by providing the information and records needed on the company’s finances and performance.

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