Introducing Virtual Supervision of Essential Business Services

Get competent, cost-effective management of bookkeeping and payroll services from a career professional, without adding headcount to your business headaches.

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Bookkeeping Services

Our highly trained bookkeepers never miss a detail - you can sleep easy at night knowing your books are up to date and your ledgers clear.

Payroll Services

Compliance with and the timely submission of forms required of employers by the Internal Revenue Service

Employee Services

Empower your business, prioritize your employees. Discover tailored services designed for your workforce's success.

Sales Tax Reporting

Our tax professionals are experienced in all aspects of business tax preparation and planning and are trained to handle these taxes according to agency guidelines.

Payroll Tax Forms

If you are a small business owner, then you know that tax season can be a stressful time. There are so many forms and deadlines to keep track of, and if you make even one mistake it can cost you dearly.


By handling the workload, Jennifer and her team offer dependable, affordable relief to small businesses, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on their strengths. The service goes beyond numbers, delivering peace of mind crucial for work-life balance.


Small Business


Non Profits


Online Retailers / e-Commerce


Law offices / Law firms

Our Founder, Jennifer Neuendorf

Following the completion of her undergraduate studies, HSBS founder Jennifer Neuendorf put her Accounting and Finance degree to work in a successful succession of employment engagements that connected her to enterprises both small and large, private and public, secular and non-secular. Her 30+ years in the world of operations-related financial matters have resulted in a time-tested set of skills that now serve her clients to optimum advantage.

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E-Commerce Evolution: Adapting Your Business to Sales Tax Realities in the Digital Era
November 19,2023

E-Commerce Evolution: Adapting Your Business to Sales Tax Realities in the Digital Era

In the rapidly advancing digital age, businesses are undergoing a profound transformation, and with it comes a paradigm shift in the realm of sales tax.

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